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Founded in 1769, this vibrant city boasts a blend of laid-back beach vibes and cosmopolitan buzz. With a population nearing 1.4 million, its senior residents make up around 13%, enjoying an active and diverse lifestyle.

Assisted Living in San Diego, California

Find assisted living in San Diego with beach vibes or a cozy studios steps from Balboa Park. Discover communities designed for independence & care when you search for assisted living in San Diego.

Independent Living & Active Adult Living in San Diego, California

San Diego's independent living communities buzz with freedom & fun. Imagine kayaking by Mission Beach or brunching with friends near Balboa Park. Discover the perfect 55+ community, beachside apartment or cozy studio in San Diego!

Memory Care in San Diego, California

Find the best memory care community in San Diego. Communities offer care for dementia, Alzheimer's and more to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. Find the right memory care community in San Diego!

Long Term Care & Skilled Nursing in San Diego, California

San Diego offers a wide variety of nursing home options. Find communities near the beach or next to a park that offer long term care and skilled nursing. Find the right nursing home for you or a loved one in San Diego.
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