What is Adult Day Care?

Learn how adult day care services can support the well-being and independence of older adults and individuals with disabilities.

Adult day care offers personalized care and support including assistance with dressing, bathing as well as medical monitoring, therapy and specialized services.

The average daily cost of adult day care is $98 but can vary greatly based on location and services provided.

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What are Adult Day Care Services?

Adult day care services provide a structured and safe environment for older adults and individuals with disabilities during the day. These programs offer a range of services and activities tailored to individual needs, promoting well-being and independence. They are ideal for those who may benefit from social interaction or require some assistance with daily activities but wish to remain living at home.

When is it Time for Adult Day Services?

Considering adult day care can be beneficial in a few situations:

  • For Seniors Who Need Socialization and Support: If social isolation is a concern, or if daily activities have become a challenge, adult day care provides a supportive environment with opportunities for social interaction and assistance with daily living.
  • For Caregivers Who Need Respite: Caregiving can be demanding. Adult day care offers caregivers a planned break, allowing them time for self-care and personal needs while their loved one receives quality care.
  • For Individuals with Disabilities Who Desire an Active Lifestyle: Adult day care can provide a stimulating environment with social interaction and activities tailored to individual abilities, promoting continued engagement and well-being.

How Much Do Adult Day Services Cost?

The cost of adult day care can vary depending on factors like location, program duration, level of care provided, and additional services needed. Some facilities offer hourly rates, while others have daily or weekly fees. Many long-term care insurance plans offer some coverage for adult day care services. The 2024 national average is $98 per day. 

What Services Does Adult Day Care Provide?

  • Personalized Care: Trained staff provide assistance with daily living activities (ADLs) like bathing, dressing, and medication management, ensuring safety and well-being.
  • Socialization and Activities: Programs offer opportunities for group activities, social interaction, and relationship building through games, crafts, music therapy, and more.
  • Meals and Snacks: Many programs provide nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day.Transportation: Some facilities offer transportation to and from the program location.
  • Therapy Services: Physical, occupational, or speech therapy may be available on-site or coordinated with outside providers.
  • Health Monitoring: Staff may monitor vital signs and medication administration.

Benefits of Adult Day Services

Adult day care offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to both physical and mental well-being. Engaging activities, social interaction, and potential health monitoring all work together to promote a sense of overall well-being for participants.  These programs also combat feelings of loneliness and isolation by fostering social connection and interaction.  For seniors, adult day care can be instrumental in maintaining independence at home by providing assistance with daily activities.  The program's support extends to caregivers as well, offering a much-needed respite that reduces stress and helps prevent burnout.

Choosing a Program

Here are some things to consider when searching for an adult daycare program that provides the right level of support and promotes the well-being of yourself or your loved one. 

  • Consider your needs and preferences: What level of care and support is needed?
  • What types of activities are important? Research programs in your area: Visit facilities, talk to staff, and get a feel for the environment.
  • Ask about costs and insurance coverage: Understand the fee structure and explore potential insurance coverage options.
  • Inquire about transportation: Does the program offer transportation or will you need to arrange it separately?
  • Trial visits: Many programs offer trial visits to allow you to experience the program firsthand.

Find Adult Day Services

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