Assembling an All Star Team with Christie Stukenholtz

Christie Stukenholtz, CEO of Senior Care Finder, shares her insights and approach to assembling an all-star caliber team on Level Up with James Lee. 

About this Podcast Episode

"No founder has it all." Christie Stukenholtz, the co-founder and CEO Senior Care Finder, is mindful of how critical it is for any organization - but especially an entrepreneurial endeavor - to assemble an All Star caliber team.

From her extensive experiences in a professional HR Consulting company to talent management, market research and now the co-founder of a growing business in aging services, Christie has had a lot of different looks at forming high-performing teams.

Christie shared so many insightful perspectives, approaches, and mindset in how she works to put together great teams.  From "hiring the empty seat" to "creating an environment where people will stick around when times get hard" and "finding a team where you find belonging" we covered a lot together.

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