Is a Senior Living Community Right For You?

Wondering if senior living is the right choice for you? Read on to learn the benefits these communities offer. 

As we approach the one-year mark of having to live differently due to a global pandemic, this becomes an even more daunting question for those considering senior living communities. Why should I leave the comfort of my own home, just to move into a living community where visitors are restricted, and socializing is limited? There are many reasons why a senior living community might be the best place for you or a loved one.

Prevent Isolation and Depression in Older Adults

Children of seniors, often think that the occasional phone call, regular text message, or socially distant visit is enough for a parent or grandparent. Sadly, it likely isn’t. Studies show loneliness and isolation to be a major factor in a senior declining mentally and physically. Even when senior living communities have placed rules and restrictions around socializing and visits, they have also adapted and made attempts to provide engagement and appropriate social interactions. While we believe our loved one is healthier and happier at home, it may not be the case.

Provide Good Nutrition

Oftentimes, seniors throughout the country experience challenges when they are no longer able to have well-balanced diets or the right nutrition. Mobility challenges, energy to prepare complete meals, and challenges getting to the grocery store, all contribute to poor nutrition in older adults. Doctors will agree that even a lack of hydration can become a major issue when a senior is on their own without proper support. Senior living communities focus on proper diets for their residents to ensure your loved one is getting the balanced nutrition for their specific needs.

Medication Management & Oversight

On any given day, many people even have challenges remembering to take my daily vitamins. The same goes for our loved ones who might have half a dozen or more different medications they are required to take each day. In assisted living facilities, medication aides and caregivers provide oversight and distribution of medications. Not only do they ensure medications are taken on time, but they also provide regular check-ins to make sure everything else is going well. Even things as simple as changing a lightbulb or retrieved something from a high shelf.


Peace of Mind for Adult Children and Families

All of the reasons above should make your loved one feel cared for. But just as important, is for you know that your loved one is safe. It would be great to think that in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we are also able to provide everything that our parents and grandparents need. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and senior living communities can be a tremendous resource and benefit to everyone.

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