Going Home for the Holidays?

Going home for the holidays? Here are early signs that your loved one might need a little extra help.

When you visit your loved one this holiday season, take a close look around. While we all remember mom and dad’s house as well-kept and perfectly decorated, years have passed. Mom and dad aren’t as active as they once were. Oftentimes, holidays are one of the few times you make it back home. If you are lucky enough to do that this year, you should take a mental inventory of how things are going.

Things to Look For

  • Is the house a bit disheveled?

  • Is the food in the refrigerator expired?

  • Are their piles of laundry lying around? 

  • Noticeable weight gain or loss? 


Now, there’s no need to sound the alarms quite yet. However, conversations with our elders about getting them help won’t happen immediately. In fact, these conversations often don’t happen at all, or at least until there’s actually been a medical emergency. Who wants to bring up a conversation like this during the holidays? 

We’re not suggesting you hijack your holiday visit and get everyone upset about mom or dad’s declining health and well-being. But there are fewer times that are better to begin the conversation with siblings and loved ones about what they might want, should something happen. 

Questions to Ask

  • Would it be nice if someone came into the house to clean a couple of times a week?

  • What are some tasks you could use some help with? 

  • Would it be helpful if someone cooked you meals?

  • How much do you know about senior living?

  • Have you looked at any of the communities in town? 

  • What are you worried about? 

All these questions should and need to be had before you’re in an emergency situation, having to make quick decisions. Senior Care Finder offers the most complete and comprehensive list of options for you to consider. And, if you would prefer hiring a private caregiver to come into your home instead of moving into a living community, we can help with that too.