A Place at Home - North Austin

551 S IH - 35 Frontage Road,
Round Rock, TX 78664

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Services Offered at A Place at Home - North Austin

Home Care (Non-Medical)

Overview of A Place at Home - North Austin

A Place at Home - North Austin, located in Round Rock, TX offers home care (non-medical)

🌟 **A Place at Home Home: Where Care Meets Heart!**

👩‍⚕️ **Companion Care**: From hobby chats to assisting with daily living skills like cooking and light cleaning , our team brings smiles and lend hands to seniors daily!

💼 **Healthcare Advocacy**: We're your sidekick at doctor's visits, helping decode medical jargon and navigate healthcare paths.

🏠 **Home Care Services**: Dust bunnies beware! Our caregivers are here to tidy up and whip up yummy meals.

🌸 **Senior Living Alternatives**: Finding the perfect senior living? Stress no more! Our advisors simplify it all, with zero cost to you.

👩‍🔬 **Staffing Solutions**: Need professional care staff for your health center? We’ve got passionate pros ready to roll!

🔄 **Transition Assistance**: Bouncing back post-surgery? We ensure a smooth, healthy homecoming!

🍳 **Daily Living Help**: From bathing to brunch-making, we're all hands on deck!

💤 **24/7 Care**: Day or night, rain or shine, our dedicated team ensures your loved one's comfort.

🍂 **Elderly & Memory Care**: Feeling overwhelmed? Our specialists bring gentle, expert care right to your home.

💜 **Home Hospice Assistance**: With us as your support squad, you're never alone.

⛅ **Morning Routines**: Kick-start your mornings with our helpers to ensure a sunshine-filled day!

💪 **For All Needs**: Whether you're a new mom, post-hospital patient, veteran, or anyone needing a caring touch, we're here.

🔍 **Hiring Alert!**: Passionate abo
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  • Home Care (Non-Medical): Starting at $34 Per Day

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