Sunset Home Assisted Living

510920 Highway 95,
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

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Services Offered at Sunset Home Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Overview of Sunset Home Assisted Living

Sunset Home Assisted Living, located in Bonners Ferry, ID offers assisted living

Sunset Home’s commitment to its core values is not just a statement on paper but a way of life. As a nonprofit organization, our primary focus is on the wellbeing and care of our residents and employees, rather than maximizing profits. This commitment sets us apart from other assisted living facilities and allows us to provide exceptional care and support to those who call Sunset Home their home.

Being a nonprofit organization means that our main goal is to serve our residents and ensure they receive the highest quality of care possible. Unlike for-profit facilities, we do not have shareholders or investors to answer to, which enables us to allocate our resources solely towards the betterment of our residents’ lives. This freedom from profit-driven motives allows us to prioritize their comfort, safety, and overall wellbeing.

At Sunset Home, we understand the importance of creating a warm and nurturing environment for our residents. Our dedicated team of caregivers is passionate about providing personalized care that meets the unique needs of each individual. From assistance with daily activities to medical support, our staff is trained to deliver compassionate care that promotes independence and enhances the quality of life for our residents.

In addition to our commitment to residents’ care, we also prioritize the wellbeing of our employees. We firmly believe that a happy and fulfilled staff is essential to maintaining a positive and supportive environment for our re
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Amenities at Sunset Home Assisted Living

  • Meal Preparation and Service
  • Coffee Shop
  • Outdoor Space
  • Dining Room
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping and Linen Services
  • Community-Sponsored Activities
  • Maintenance

Room Types

  • Shared Suites
  • Private Suites

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