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Highgate Senior Living

Highgate Senior Living, the premier senior living community, is committed to holistic health care, they prioritize understanding residents' complete well-being — mentally, physically, and emotionally.

At Highgate, their mission is to help every resident live a purposeful life. They deeply engage with residents, learning their stories, families, interests, and passions to support them in leading meaningful and fulfilling lives. By fostering engagement in various aspects of life, Highgate promotes well-being and genuine connections with residents and staff members.

Highgate Senior Living recognizes that each senior is unique, with different backgrounds, interests, and needs. They offer customized senior care services tailored to individual preferences, ensuring residents receive the support they desire.

With locations across the West, Highgate Senior Living is dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors by providing personalized care and opportunities for meaningful engagement. By embracing residents' uniqueness and fostering a sense of purpose, they strive to create vibrant communities where seniors can thrive.

Highgate Senior Living has senior living communities located in Arizona, California, Montana, Washington, providing independent and assisted living and memory and respite care.

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