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Northstar Senior Living

Northstar Senior Living, a premier provider of senior living management and consulting services, is dedicated to a mission centered around their Senior Residents, Associates, and Investors. With a commitment to setting the industry standard, Northstar aims to provide a superior experience for residents, families, associates, and shareholders, aspiring to be a nationally recognized leader in senior living services. 

Northstar Senior Living offers Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Memory Care services, ensuring a holistic approach to senior care. They operate in multiple states and have established communities to serve their diverse clientele. Northstar's success hinges on client satisfaction, emphasizing knowledge, understanding, flexibility, and the ability to drive top performance. 

The values at Northstar Senior Living are deeply rooted in People, Quality, Honesty, Communication, Accountability, and Commitment. Their leadership team, including President and CEO Rick Jensen, CFO Brian Uhlir, and COO Steven Kregel, upholds these values to deliver extraordinary care to residents. 

Northstar distinguishes itself through a commitment to quality, ethical practices, open communication, and fiscal responsibility. Their team is united by a shared commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors and the community, ensuring that each resident's experience is progressively better. 

With a comprehensive package of management services covering Operations, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, IT Services, and Licensing, Northstar Senior Living stands as a reliable partner in the senior living industry. Join Northstar in their commitment to "People… Wonderful People!" as they strive to change lives one person at a time.

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