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Avendelle Assisted Living

Avendelle Assisted Living's mission, reflected in their name change from The Haven Family Care Homes to Avendelle Assisted Living in 2016, signifies a commitment to offering premier small, intimate senior living home options. Avendelle's homes are not institutionalized facilities but modern residential houses modified to meet the needs of aging seniors. They prioritize personalized care and living, understanding that each resident has unique needs, preferences, and schedules.

Avendelle stands out for its family atmosphere, where caregivers are expertly trained, professional, and dedicated to the well-being of seniors. They encourage family involvement, recognizing the importance of maintaining connections with loved ones. Moreover, Avendelle inspires independence and health, fostering an environment where seniors remain active and engaged in everyday activities.

Safety, independence, and comfort are at the core of Avendelle's values. Their homes are equipped with safety measures like fire sprinkler systems and electronic medical record systems to ensure residents' well-being. The average resident to caregiver ratio of 3:1 ensures personalized attention and care.

With a rich history dating back to 2005, Avendelle Assisted Living has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of seniors. Co-founders Esther and Douglas Cromwell's dedication to providing high-quality care has led to the expansion of Avendelle's services, with several more locations expected to open in the future.

Experience the difference at Avendelle Assisted Living, where seniors find a safe, nurturing environment that feels like home. Request additional information today to learn more about their family-care homes and the exceptional care they provide.

Avendelle Assisted Living has senior living communities located in North Carolina, providing assisted living.

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