Types of Care
Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Respite Care
Number of Locations
17 Communities
States Serviced


IntegraCare operates a variety of senior living communities with comprehensive and personalized services. Their mission revolves around enriching the lives of all stakeholders, including team members, residents, and families.

Each resident's individuality is valued at IntegraCare, where personalized care plans are crafted to meet specific needs. By offering a spectrum of lifestyle options and support services, they ensure seniors can flourish and lead fulfilling lives in their later years.

With communities strategically located across the nation, IntegraCare empowers seniors to select environments that align with their preferences and lifestyles. Their commitment lies in addressing the distinctive requirements of every resident they serve.

Driven by compassion, a pursuit of excellence, and a dedication to tailored service, IntegraCare endeavors to foster vibrant and nurturing communities. Through their holistic approach, they aim to cultivate spaces where seniors truly feel a sense of belonging and comfort.

IntegraCare has senior living communities located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, providing independent and assisted living and memory and respite care.

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