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Dockerty Health Care Services, Inc

Explore Dockerty Health Care Services, where their commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect is the cornerstone of their philosophy. Embracing their mission to "Treat Everyone the Way We Would Like to be Treated," Dockerty creates an environment where residents, families, visitors, and employees feel valued and supported.

Led by Timothy Dockerty as CEO and Todd Dockerty as COO, Dockerty Health Care Services brings leadership that is not only present but engaged. Tim and Todd's hands-on approach ensures that every individual, from residents to staff, receives personalized attention and care.

Dockerty's dedication to quality and compassionate service is evident in every aspect of senior living. From assistance with daily activities to social events and wellness programs, Dockerty prioritizes resident-centered care. Their team of professionals is committed to promoting independence and maximizing the abilities of each person they serve.

At Dockerty, wellness is paramount. With a focus on healthy aging and personalized exercise programs, they strive to enhance the health and well-being of every resident. Through thoughtful planning and genuine care, Dockerty Health Care Services creates an environment where seniors can thrive.

Experience the difference at Dockerty Health Care Services—where compassion, respect, and quality care come together to redefine senior living. Visit Dockerty today and discover a community dedicated to helping seniors live their best lives.

Dockerty Health Care Services, Inc has senior living communities located in Michigan, providing independent and assisted living and memory care.

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