About Us

Our team of senior care experts have decades of experience helping individuals and families navigate the senior care journey. Both personally and professionally, we have experienced the often confusing and frustrating process of trying to search and find quality information to help make informed decisions for loved ones.

While each provider does their best to provide accurate and up to date information about their services on company websites and brochures, we were never able to find an all-inclusive resource to search, compare and select the best senior care.

There are certainly options available for individuals to connect with contract agents who help ease the burden of the search process. While these contract agency services might be free to the care seeker, the companies and agents are incentivized by providers for each referral they are able to secure. We still believe in the value of these agents for those who need extra help or cannot do it on their own.

However, if you are anything like the tens of thousands who submit requests wanting information and details to review and evaluate on their own time, in their own homes, with their own families, you are not alone. Senior Care Finder offers the only COMPLETELY free option that does NOT contract with providers for a referral fee when you contact them or select their services.

The only bias we have is to provide full transparency. We allow you to search based on proximity or quality ratings and then compare similar providers side-by-side and share those results with others. We believe this is the best process to help search, compare, and find the best senior care. If you still need additional help, contact us and one of our senior care experts will gladly connect with you.